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Data Sheet: Xiphophorus Maculatus “Southern platyfish”

Foto di Felice Panico


Scientific name: Xiphophorus Maculatus
Common Name: Southern Platyfish
Taxonomic Classification:
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Subclass: Neopterygii
Order: Cyprinodontiformes
Suborder: Cyprinodontoidei
Family: Poeciliidae
Foto di Felice Panico

Genus: Xiphophorus

Species: Maculatus
Description: The male is long on 4 cm, the female around 6 cm. It has 8-10 soft rays of the dorsal fin. It has no medium-ventral black pigmented line. In the male the ventral fins of the caudal fin does not end with a sword. At the base of the caudal fin lies the gonopod without membranous protuberance.
Coloration: Very varied with various shades of color also due to genetic mixing with other species.
Behaviour: Very peaceful fish, coexists very quietly with other non-aggressive fish.
Sexual Dimorphism: Males are smaller and have a gonopod. 
Habitat: Bentopelagic, freshwater, is not a migratory species and lives in tropical climates. He lives in running or steady waters. Temperature: 20-26 °C. pH: 7,0-8,2. Water hardness: It suits well hard and very hard water 10-30 °dH. 
Tips for breeding: The Southern platyfish lives from 3 to 5 years as the life expectancy demonstrates on AnAge‘s site. For aquarium breeding we recommend a medium-sized, well-planted tank with many hiding places. The appropriate number of individuals is a minimum of 5 specimens (3 females and 1 male), the number of females should always be higher than that of males because they are stressed with ease. On the market there are many varieties such as Coral, Red, Sunburst, Dawn, Crescent (Mickey Mouse), Gold Crescent, High Fin, Blue Spot, Tiger, Red Wag, Silver Wag, Rainbow Wag, Red Tuxedo, Yellow Tuxedo, Twin Neon Black Painted, Neon Red Tail Black, Marigold Sunset Wagtail, Blue Neon Wagtail, Pintail, Speckeld Neon Wagtail, White Red Back.
Feed: It feeds on worms, crustaceans, insects and plants. In aquarium very much accepts dry, freeze-dried, live and frozen foods. They also accept balmy vegetables such as peas, courgettes and spinach.
Diffusion: North and Central America, Veracruz, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala to Northern Belize.
Swimming level: Swim in the flocks and prefer to swim in the middle area of the aquarium’s water column.
Difficulty: Very easy for neophytes.
Reproduction: The Souther Platyfish as the Guppy are viviparous and therefore give birth to their little ones already formed, through internal fertilization. Sexual maturity is reached at 4 months, when we can notice the staining of gravid spot in the female and in the male the anal fin is modified in gonopod. Fertilization is internal, the male puts the sperm pack into the urogenital cavity of the female that can also keep it for months to fertilize more cows. The gestation lasts for 30-45 days, after which the female gives birth to the fry already formed and to the yolk sac (usually from 1 to 160 small births over several times).
Extinguish risk: Not at risk of extinction.


Felice Panico
Acquariofilo dall'età di 10 anni con esperienza in acquariologia dolce,marina e salmastra, appassionato di immersioni subacquee e di microscopia.

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