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Reportage: PetsFestival October 21st-22nd 2017 “Piacenza Expò”

Photo By Felice Panico

Also this year the fifth edition of the largest fair in Italy, PetsFestival, dedicated to pet animals, is ended.

In the two days of the fair you could watch marine aquariums, cakes, reptiles, dogs, cats and various country shows. (In the end you can find our photo gallery of the event.)

As for aquarium, which is the topic we like to talk about, this year the list of exhibitors was not very long compared to last year, in fact there have been big lacks on the stands of large companies such as LgmAcquari, Sicce , Forwater, Reef Snow, Aqua 1, etc.

Instead they were present:

Also this year, thanks to the ITAU (Italian Acquascapers Union), there was a wonderful live-action aquascaping contest.

All right, well, was a beautiful experience to meet old friends, to watch new products and beautiful freshwater and marine tanks. We give you an appointment for the next year, with the opportunity to meet you again and exchange views with you.

Photo Gallery of the event


Felice Panico
Acquariofilo dall'età di 10 anni con esperienza in acquariologia dolce,marina e salmastra, appassionato di immersioni subacquee e di microscopia.

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