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Reportage: Diving in Mauritius

“Goodbye to all of our readers of Vitadibarriera. Today we want to illustrate the interesting reportage on Mauritius made in collaboration with us by our affectionate reader Gabriele Calcagna whom we thank and salute.”

The Mauritius Island is a beautiful tropical island situated in the southwestern Indian Ocean to the east of Madagascar, as well as the islands of Saint – Brandon and Rodrigues and the Agalega Islands and numerous coral atolls, as well as the main island of the Mauritius republic. The island’s climate is tropical, with wind blowing from the southeast.

Mauritius is rich in endemic vegetation; its original vegetation, however, is in grave danger due to the introduction of plants and extraneous animals and monocultures. To observe the native vegetation of Mauritius, by now, it is necessary to visit the botanical garden of Pamplemousses.

The sea around Mauritius, with its coral reefs, flushes with life; from the species living in the reef (clown fish, cleansing fish, shrimp of the attinie), the various species of manta (Manta birostris, Aetobatus narinari, Torpedo pantheri, Taeniura lymma and Taeniura melanospilos), sharks (White-nose shark and Whitetip reef shark) and  Moray eels, in addition to some sea turtle (Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas) and innumerable invertebrates.

Unfortunately, for some years now it is becoming a touristic destination and local entrepreneurs have revolutionized their business through water sports instead of promoting Scuba Diving and the natural beauties of the country.

In their sea bottoms you can find stretches of Gorgonias of any size and color that characterize the depths of the Mauritius islands.

Che dire immergersi in queste acque è stata una esperienza fantastica che segna nel profondo qualsiasi subacqueo.

What to say about diving into these waters has been a fantastic experience that marks down any diver.

Special thanks to Gabriele Calcagna for the reportage and beautiful photos.

At the next Reportage !!!!

Text edited by Vita di Barriera.

Photos by Gabriele Calcagna




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