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Post your article on Vita di Barriera!

We at Vita di Barriera are delighted to be able to read and publish your article, reportage or photos.
The success of modern aquariums is based on sharing and the best method of disseminating information is the internet.

So we’ve been thinking of creating a personal space where each of you can expose your experiences to the other aquarists¬†and to those who will come. Photos and technical description of your tanks, your projects, experiments, positive and negative experiences, photographs made by you in nature, etc. … nothing will be lost but will live forever in the web ūüėČ

That’s why we invite you to share with us whatever¬†you want.

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But how can I write an article or share material?
You can write your own text and post it together with the photographs with Word (also OpenOffice) and send it by email.

Alternatively, you can also send us the text and photos as attachments without paginate it. We will do it for you. It is imperative that your photos and texts be yours and authentic and not copied from other sites.

We accept any type of photo format, provided the image quality is good enough, at least 1024×768 pixel and as sharp as possible.

This is the email address to which you can send it:

Thank you!