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Data Sheet: Tridacna Crocea “Crocea Clam”

DATA SHEET Scientific Name:  Tridacna Crocea Common Name: Crocea Clam Taxonomic Classification Phylum: Mollusca Class: Bivalvia Subclass: Heterodonta Order: Veneroida Family: Tridacnidae Genus: Tridacna Species: Crocea Description: Tridacna Crocea is a large bivalve mollusk that has a triangular shell with robust and convoluted valves with ribs, where the cloak is hooked  when it is extroflexed. At the center of the cloak is […]

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Saving Clam using the Glucose method

These beautiful animals of the Tridacnidae family belong to the phylum of mollusks filter feeders, are very delicate animals in aquarium cause they are subject to stress during the endless trips from tropical regions or weakened due to various environmental factors. Inside the cloack of the clams are the zooxanthellae, photosynthetic symbiotic algae that are responsible for the […]