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Data Sheet: Zebrasoma Flavescens “Yellow Tang”

DATA SHEET Scientific name:  Zebrasoma Flavescens Common name: Yellow Tang Taxonomic classification Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Subclass: Neopterygii  Order: Perciformes Suborder: Acanthuroidei Family: Acanthuridae Genus: Zebrasoma   Species: Flavescens Description:  Zebrasoma Flavescens has a flattened oval shape, a small, elongated mouth with chisel-shaped teeth that uses to swell algae from the rocky surface, the dorsal fin and the anal extend over a large […]

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Data Sheet: Pterapogon Kauderni “Banggai Cardinalfish”

SCHEDA TECNICA Scientific name:  Pterapogon Kauderni Common name: Banggai cardinalfish Taxonomic Classification Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Perciformes Suborder: Percoidei Family: Apogonidae Genus: Pterapogon  Species: Kauderni Description: Pterapogon Kauderni has an ovaloid body with a long caudal peduncle, has two dorsal fins, one smaller and the other more developed. The male compared to the female has a more squared jaw and three small […]

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Data Sheet: Tridacna Crocea “Crocea Clam”

DATA SHEET Scientific Name:  Tridacna Crocea Common Name: Crocea Clam Taxonomic Classification Phylum: Mollusca Class: Bivalvia Subclass: Heterodonta Order: Veneroida Family: Tridacnidae Genus: Tridacna Species: Crocea Description: Tridacna Crocea is a large bivalve mollusk that has a triangular shell with robust and convoluted valves with ribs, where the cloak is hooked  when it is extroflexed. At the center of the cloak is […]

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Data Sheet: Pavona Cactus “Cactus Coral”

DATA SHEET Scientific Name:  Pavona Cactus Common Name: Lettuce Coral, Cactus Coral, Potato Chip Coral   Taxonomic Classification Phylum: Cnidaria Class: Anthozoa Subclass: Hexacorallia Order: Scleractinia Family: Agariciidae Genus: Pavona Species: Cactus Description: Pavona Cactusis predominantly formed from foliar colonies with polyps on both faces / leaves. Some species are incrustant, laminar or massive. They present small and shallow coral, […]

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Data Sheet: Acanthurus leucosternon “Powder Blue Tang”

DATA SHEET Scientific Name:  Acanthurus Leucosternon Common Name: Powder blue tang or powderblue surgeonfish Taxonomic Classification Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Subclass: Neopterygii  Order: Perciformes Family: Acanthuridae Genus: Acanthurus  Species: A. Leucosternon Description: Acanthurus Leucosternon has a flattened and elongated ovoid body, a small mouth with chisel teeth that uses to rock algae from the rock surface, the dorsal fin and the spine […]

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Data Sheet: Chrysiptera Cyanea

DATA SHEET Scientific name: Chrysiptera Cyanea Common name: Blue damselfish Taxonomic classification Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Perciformes Family: Pomacentridae Genre: Chrysiptera Species: C. Cyanea Description: Fusiform body, flat on the hips. It has 13 dorsal spines, 2 anal spines and 13-14 soft anal spines. Coloring: It has a beautiful electric blue color; Behavior: This fish is […]

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Data sheet: Valenciennea puellaris (Orange Spotted Goby)

DATA SHEET  Scientific Name:  Valenciennea puellaris Common Name: Diamond Goby or Diamond Watchman Goby or Orange Spotted Goby Taxonomic Classification Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Perciformes Suborder: Gobioidei Family: Gobiidae Genus: Valenciennea Species: V. puellaris Description: This small fish has an elongated body length of 14 cm in nature, while in an aquarium it usually does not exceed 8 cm. Coloring: The body is whitish […]

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Data sheet: Lysmata Amboinensis “White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp”

Photo By Felice PanicoDATA SHEET Scientific name: Lysmata Amboinensis Common Name: White-Banded Cleaner Shrimp Taxonomic classification Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Malachite Subclass: Eumalacostraca Order: Decapod Suborder: Pleocyemata Family: Hippolytidae Genus: Lysmata Species: Amboinensis Description: They are very peaceful and sociable animals for this reason they are suitable for any type of tank. Periodically they make a mute […]